Preparing Your E-Commerce Store for Black Friday

November 10, 2022 1622 min reading

This is your reminder that Black Friday is fast approaching! Set for the 25th November, preparation is now well under way for the biggest shopping event of the year. As consumers await big savings on some of their favourite items and most wanted goods, retailers are spending the next few weeks ensuring they are fully stocked and ready for the one-day extravaganza.

As a clothing retailer, you may be wondering whether it is worth joining in with the annual event and, if so, how you can do it in the best way possible to maximise sales.

Here at Whispering Smith, we have created our very own wholesaler’s guide on what to do and what not to do as you prepare for Black Friday.

The dos and don’ts of Black Friday

DO – Ensure you have enough stock to cover the potential increase in sales. There is no worse experience for a customer than realising the discounted item they want is not available in their size. So, be sure to not only to stock the right clothing pieces, but to have a range of sizes available too.

DO – Make sure your website can handle the influx of traffic. This means ensuring that your site will not crash and that pages will load quickly.

DO – Develop a marketing strategy that will make use of social media, email marketing and other channels to reach consumers both before and on the day of Black Friday.

DO – Think about what kind of deals you want to offer and how this will attract shoppers to your store.

DON’T – Get caught up in the hype and start offering huge discounts on all items, regardless of whether they are popular or not. This will only result in you selling items at a loss. When buying your stock from a clothing wholesaler, be sure to make use of any discounts or special prices they are offering, so you can sell your stock at lower prices that won’t affect your markup.

DON’T – Overstock your e-commerce store with items that you think will be popular. You don’t want to end up with too much stock that doesn’t sell. Many retailers make this mistake and find they are left with surplus stock at the end of the annual event which they will struggle to shift as they move into the festive season.

DON’T – Forget about your returns policy. Black Friday is notorious for shoppers returning items after they have bought them, so make sure you have a generous and fair policy in place. This may mean placing a disclaimer on sale items, so you are not left dealing with returns for weeks on end.

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The author of this article is Anna Marianna White

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