Why the Fashion Industry Must Embrace Digital

May 26, 2020 257 min reading

While lockdown may be easing across the country and across Europe, life isn’t quite back to normal just yet. Many industries are still feeling the challenge and are finding new ways to adapt. The fashion industry in particular has felt the pain of customers not shopping as much, and brands having to scale back their buying opportunities.

At Whispering Smith, we believe the power of digital is key in order to survive this unstable period, as people are still staying at home and perhaps not spending as much money as they would normally.

Adapting in the face of a crisis

The last few months have been challenging, but it has also demonstrated that there are always methods to grow and evolve. For example, the British Fashion Council has created a new digital platform; the first in its 40-year history. This has been created to help fashion designers show their collections and inspirations, despite not being able to put on traditional catwalk shows.

London Fashion Week earlier this month relied solely on virtual showrooms, podcasts and video panel discussions. This set the precedent for Milan and Paris who also planned to host digital events.

Pressing the reset button

The ongoing coronavirus situation has meant many businesses have reset how they operate, taking the time to discover new ways of creating hype and engagement around new collections and trends.

As retail reopens and a growing sense of normality returns, it’s important that wholesalers such as ourselves are ready. Thanks to our extensive network of supply partners and our online showroom, we can ensure high quality, on-trend clothing delivered quickly to you.

Online shopping is set to become even more popular than before. It is crucial that the fashion industry can facilitate this, which is why our website continues to help you create collections online, complete with feedback on upcoming trends and a dedicated account manager to help. We can ensure you make informed decisions on your buying preferences, even from a distance.

Listen to your customers

The power of digital means you can become even more in tune with your customers. If you need to work with a wholesaler to order the latest trends in order to keep up with consumer demand, you can rest assured that we’re on hand to deliver in-the-moment styles. This can include anything from men’s loungewear to women’s summer clothing.

So, if you’re hoping to create an in-demand clothing collection while sticking to the social distancing guidelines, let Whispering Smith help you rise to the challenge.

The author of this article is Anna Marianna White

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