Wholesale Festival Fashion Must-Haves!

July 6, 2022 71 min reading

Festival season is officially upon us! Despite having already celebrated several festivals already this year, with the likes of Parklife and Glastonbury, there are many more music and food fests lined up for the remainder of the season. This means your retail customer will be looking for some of the hottest festival fashion, guaranteeing they not only have a great time but look the part too! Here are some of our top picks to ensure you are stocked with all your customers require this festival season.


Wholesale Rain Macs

Festivals will commence come rain or shine, and with the unpredictable British weather, festival-goers can never really be sure. So, when stocking your retail collection with essential festival fashion items, always be sure to carry several variations of rain macs and hooded jackets. At Whispering Smith we have a great selection of wholesale rain macs in cool colours and patterns, keeping revellers looking the part while feeling comfortable and dry as they dance the day and night away.


Bold Prints and Colours

Festival fashion is all about pushing the boundaries and exploring new styles. The likes of Coachella and Glastonbury have certainly set the standard when it comes to what festival fans will do in preparation for the big event. Many festival-goers will now look for the boldest and most daring look to stand out amongst the crowd and for those all-important Insta snaps! To be sure you’re catering for the modern-day festival crowd, carrying a range of festival fashion in a huge selection of bold colours and prints will be sure to impress.

Zebra print and neon colours are certainly hot picks for this year’s festival season. Throughout our wholesale women’s festival fashion collection we carry a range of fashion pieces in these popular prints and colours. One of our faves right now is the bright blue, floral printed dress, ideal for hot summer days. Plus our bright neon green matching set for a bold colour choice.


Denim Styling

Each year denim becomes a trusty go-to on the festival scene. It’s a popular choice for festival-goers, with many opting to wear variations of denim to keep them looking cool all day or weekend long. From denim shorts, denim jackets, jeans, and more, there’s something for everyone and can be both dressed up or dressed down. With a wide choice of denim across our wholesale range, you’ll be sure to find a great selection of denim pieces to add to your retail collection perfect for the festival season.


The author of this article is Anna Marianna White

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