The Best Prints of the Season

January 17, 2020 38 min reading

With January often dubbed the dullest month of the year, we’re all looking for ways to brighten up our day. For those of you looking for fresh new styles to add to your clothing collection, it’s the perfect time of year to invest in some eye-catching, colourful pieces to contrast with the dreary weather.

With many different prints hitting the catwalk each season, we offer some guidance on the best prints of the moment that will transition you from winter to spring effortlessly.

Polka dots

Polka dots have been seen on the catwalk for a number of seasons now, solidifying their position as a staple for any clothing collection. The simplicity of a polka dot print means it’s unlikely to go out of style, with its versatile appearance. Big spots, small dots, monochrome, multicoloured… The options are endless!

It’s an easy-to-wear and easy-to-style print for any season, so why not start 2020 with some key polka dot designs? The likes of midi skirts, blouses, dresses and jumpers all lend themselves effortlessly to a polka dot print, with a rainbow of colours available.

polka dot blouse


In a similar fashion, stripes have always been in style one way or another, making them the perfect investment for your clothing collection. Available in many forms, stripes work for both menswear and womenswear, creating a flattering silhouette.

Play around with different thicknesses and colours of the stripes; pinstripes, candy stripes and club stripes have all been popular over the years. Make your new striped clothing seasonal by choosing colours like burgundy, khaki and navy for winter, and pastel shades for summer.

striped jumper

Snake print

While animal print remains a favourite amongst many shoppers, the next season will likely see the spotlight move across a variety of prints; from tiger print to zebra print. Recent trends point towards snake print being the flavour of the month, and is even being seen in menswear as well as popular women’s styles.

From neon snake print t-shirts for men, to snake print shirt dresses for women, the print lends itself to almost any design effortlessly.

snake print dress

Camo print

With a nod to streetwear influences, camouflage print clothing is an easy way to add colour and pattern to your fashion range. In recent seasons, the fashion industry has seen an influx of camo print jackets, t-shirts and shorts, and this is set to continue long into 2020.

Camouflage print can work across accessories just as well as clothing, with designs including hats, bags and shoes all benefitting from a military-style upgrade, alongside classic puffer jackets and gilets.

camo print jacket

The author of this article is Anna Marianna White

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