It’ll Be All White

August 20, 2020 266 min reading

There are a handful of trends and styles that can work all year round, making them an essential addition to your clothing collection. These styles can help you build on your collection and discover new pieces to work with throughout the different seasons. This goes for men and women, so no matter what type of clothing collection you’re trying to build, this is one trend aspect you should be considering.

The colour white may not seem like much of a trend, but it’s a definite must-have for your men’s and women’s collections thanks to its versatile and timeless style. So, where do you start when shopping for this classic colour?

Invest in staple styles

Look at building a collection of white clothing through staple styles that can be reworked with other pieces. Not only does this help you get the most out of your collection, but gives a much higher chance of your newly-found white pieces being popular choices with customers too.

Staples like jeans, casual shirts and tracksuits in all-white will work year-round, whether it’s to complete a bright summer wardrobe or a seasonal winter look. Our men’s white stripe detail jeans are a great transitional piece as we move from one season to the next.

White can be worn for any occasion, unless of course you’re a wedding guest which could get a little awkward. Whether it’s for the office, drinks or simply out and about running errands, styles like our women’s heart print shirt are an essential choice.

Tonal dressing

Tonal dressing has become a huge trend lately because it can make even the simplest outfit look a little more luxurious. To make this work, consider investing in white tops or bottoms that can be styled with other neutral tones, like camel, taupe, stone and sand.

This can work for casual items as well as more formal looks. For instance, our men’s button through shirt in stone could be easily styled tucked into white chinos.

Similarly, our women’s chunky cardigan in tan looks effortless over a white bodysuit, creating a neutral but stylish outfit that can be dressed up or down for the occasion at hand.

Accessorise in white

If you’ve already got a good mix of styles in your collection, stick to adding some white accessories; shoes and jackets in particular. After all, you can’t beat a classic white trainer. Our men’s zip trainers are a great way to finish any look, whether you’ve gone brave with all white or sticking to a more colourful ensemble.

To match this year-round colour with a year-round style, our women’s white denim jacket is an essential. It can be reworked for summer or winter, depending on how you choose to style it. What’s more, your customers can add colour or keep it tonal, giving them free reign with your brand.

The author of this article is Anna Marianna White

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