How to Layer Your Favourite Styles for SS20

January 31, 2020 277 min reading

Creating a transitional style can be tricky, with the weather subject to change at any moment. In the UK, we can often experience all four seasons in one day, and as we head closer to the season of spring, it can be very difficult to know what styles are going to be the most popular.

With the wintry chill still lingering and the sun not quite here, the months of spring can be unpredictable. If you’re trying to build a stylish, practical and trendy clothing collection, here are some top tips on what to buy and how to style it.

Creating a layered look

Layers are key for most of the year in the UK, with erratic weather that can change from sun to rain in seconds! This can make it difficult for any fashion retailer; after all, you don’t want to be advertising coats if there’s sun forecast for the week ahead.

It’s important that you’re able to stock a range of styles that create the perfect look no matter the weather. In spring and summer, you should be prepared to stock the ideal garments for both chilly bouts of weather and milder spells.

Layering the right styles can prove invaluable to your clothing range. By marketing your products in a way that shows your shoppers how best to style their favourite pieces, you can reap the benefits of customer satisfaction!

So, what are some of the best ways to achieve a stylish layered look for your women’s collection?

How to layer dresses

Wholesale dresses are the most versatile part of any women’s clothing collection, and they can be styled to suit any weather. With that in mind, investing in a variety of dresses for the upcoming season is essential. Consider bold colours and prints in different lengths to achieve the desired effect.

Layering dresses with t-shirts and polo neck tops is a great way to get the most out of your best-selling styles. Show your customers how popular styles like wrap dresses can transcend the seasons!

For colder weather, show off your dresses with tights, boots and an array of seasonal coats. For warmer weather, let the dresses speak for themselves with simple sandals or trainers and a lightweight denim jacket.

Customer buying advice and styling tips like these can make a huge difference to overall sales and customer retention.

SS20 wholesale dresses

How to layer culotte trousers

Trousers are the perfect year-round garment, with some styles more suited to certain seasons than others. Our range of wholesale trousers includes flattering culottes in an array of colours and prints.

Culottes are particularly great for the spring and summer months because of their loose fit, while also providing enough coverage for when the weather takes a turn for the worst.

To ensure your culottes are a customer must-have throughout the transitional periods of the year, layer them with simple tees and strappy heels for the warmer periods. For colder weather during SS20, culotte trousers are still incredibly wearable with jackets layered over the top.

SS20 wholesale culottes

Making the most of your knitwear

While knitwear is traditionally seen as an autumn and winter style, stocking up on the right wholesale knitwear for SS20 can make a huge difference to your collection. It is the ultimate layering addition to your product range, whether it’s a cardigan, jumper or loungewear set. To make them fit into your spring/summer range, look for lightweight knits in pastel colours and patterns.

You can style your knitwear pieces in a multitude of ways; a jumper thrown over a dress or a cardigan over a blouse and jeans.

wholesale knitwear

With these key pieces and new ways to style them, you can really show off the versatility of your collection to your customers!

The author of this article is Anna Marianna White

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