Gym Gear and Fitness Equipment for a Healthy 2022

January 8, 2022 346 min reading

Introducing our gym gear and fitness equipment, ideal for getting active and healthy post-festive season. For New Year’s resolutions or to refresh your gym and fitness clothing collection, we will be releasing a new range of wholesale fitness equipment and stylish gym gear. Keeping your collection fresh and on trend for 2022.


New Year, New You

The latest range will include a selection of affordable, comfortable, and stylish fitness fashion and accessories for those looking to get fit in the new year or to refresh their gym wardrobe. The new year is the perfect time to get started on the fitness journey, whether you are a gym-newbie or experienced fitness enthusiast, a new selection of gym gear is ideal for starting the new year right and keeping up motivation!


In keeping with the ‘manifestation’ trend we have seen all over our social feeds lately, this t-shirt and cycling shorts set in a gorgeous rose pink is sure to be popular. Along with a motivational slogan, it’s the perfect lounge/gym go-to!

Why should you invest in quality gym gear?

Since exercise is so important for our general health, it’s worth mentioning how important your choice of workout gear can be towards achieving your fitness goals. Not only does investing in quality and stylish gym gear mean you look good in the gym, but you will also be contributing towards your fitness performance and confidence. Here are just some of the key aspects of quality gym wear and the factors we have been sure to consider in our latest range:

Comfort – a very key factor in investing in quality gym wear is the comfort of the wearer. Being comfortable is important with any clothing item but especially when using this clothing to do lots of movement and activity. You should consider if you will be able to move and complete your workout in the clothing you are wearing and consider upgrading if this is not possible.

Safety – exercise in general, particularly when using gym equipment, poses many an opportunity for risk and injury. When choosing the right gym wear, you should ensure this will provide some safety during your routine and its design will not put you at risk of injury.

Durability – for gym wear to be of top quality it must offer some durability, being able to last for more than a few gym sessions. Especially since you will be washing your gym tops and leggings frequently, they must be designed to last.

Ventilation and breathability – for maximum comfort you should consider how breathable the fabric of your gym wear is. It should be designed to regulate your body temperature, able to keep you cool during sweaty gym sessions and warm when warm when heading out in the cold for a jog.

Our latest range of fitness gear is sure to impress with a range of high-quality products, ready to be incorporated into your collection. Check out our gym yoga mats, in stock and ready for delivery.


The author of this article is Anna Marianna White

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