AW19 Contrasting Colours Clothing Trend

November 29, 2019 212 min reading

Men’s & Women’s AW19 Fashion Trend

This AW19, colours are the main attraction and what stands out more than putting these autumnal or winter colours together, than pairing strong contrasting colours that stand out on the clothing rails. These AW19 colours include redsbrownswhitesbluesorangesgreens and blacks.

There are many ways a contrasting colour look can be achieved. Whether it is a simple idea of different coloured clothing items layered together or one statement clothing piece, which includes various colours that stand out from one another. Stripesblock coloursanimal or floral prints, checks and piping are all things we have used to create clothing with the contrasting colours trend. Having something for everyone means they can be as brave or safe as they want with this trend.

These contrasting designs in our wholesale AW19 warmers are exactly the clothing twist that your customer wants and needs.

Men’s Contrasting Colours

This clothing trend for men can be seen on our men’s topsjackets and coatsknitwearsweatshirts and hoodiestrousers and footwear.

Women’s Contrasting Colours

This clothing trend for women can be seen on our women’s topsjackets and coatsknitwearsweatshirts and hoodiesdressesskirts and pyjamas.

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The author of this article is Anna Marianna White

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